The world of Four Towns is the result of an ancient war, fought by unimaginably powerful beings, over insults and issues long forgotten before the destruction began.
These are the circumstances and environments in which our heroes reside. This is the origin of their fears and challenges and creates the opportunity to forge a future. The foundation of which can only be fashioned by sacrifice, passion, and a devotion to freedom.
There will be blood. There will be death. THERE WILL BE HEROES!

The Legend of the Prize
Two mighty and powerful ancient beings vied for possession of a prize. Their struggle damaged the fabric of reality. In the end, the prize was lost to them. The damage caused by the conflict created a tiny malformed pocket existence, too small to be noticed and rarely discovered. To those who stumbled across it, it seems an odd and unimportant place.
Many eons have passed since the Great War and many generations of lived in its resulting scar. None question or understand how their small piece of reality came to be. Only a few are even aware of any other planes of existence.

Four Towns

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