Dragon Eye Mist


The Dragon Eye Mist
The Dragon Eye of Mist is given to Kobolds who have proven themselves worthy to champion the causes of Behamut.

It appears on the forehead of the champion as a misty platinum dragon.  It is very rare and only appears a few time each millennium.

Level    Benefit
1    Morph Natural weapons, Claws and bite increase 1 HD and are magic 1, 1D4 (add str and +1 magic)
Dark vision +60
Dragon Friend.  Good dragons are Friendly or better unless there is a reason otherwise, Neutral dragons 50% chance to be friendly.  Good luck with evil dragons, they will not like you at all.  Really, Good luck.
2    Increase Breath Weapon 1 HD size (i.e. 1d6 becomes 1d8)
1 natural armor
No Longer Light sensitive
3    Morph Wings, Glide equal distance horizontal and vertical, lasts for 10 rounds + Character level
Knowledge Planes in class and 5 ranks
4    Natural Weapons are good aligned and +2
2 to Str (increase base score)
5    Natural Claws and bite 1D6 (Str +2 Magic)
Damage reduction 2
2 to Con (increase base score)


Dragon Eye Mist

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